HOW TO – Revive a near-dead gas grill

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HOW TO – Revive a near-dead gas grill

Sometimes the DIY projects just aren’t that sexy, they’re downright grimy, thankless. Like this Instructable, for bringing an old gas grill back from the brink of the garbage heap. I’ve done this type of cleaning/refurbishing on grills before and it is not a lot of fun. But the results, and the pride found therein (not to mention the feeling that you’ve saved something from the indignities of the landfill), makes it worth the effort.

Gas Grill Renovation – Link

8 thoughts on “HOW TO – Revive a near-dead gas grill

  1. digrat says:

    Thanks for the link! (And it WAS a grimy job!)

  2. mohaned says:

    it very important project

  3. Jack Frost says:

    I would have to say that you need to call a specilty grill retailer. I use whenever I have a gas grill issue and they have made my life easier.

  4. GrillQueen says:

    Here’s an essential site for all you guys who like to repair gas grills and bbqs.
    Just about every brand and model ever made.
    Also they have free manuals available online.
    I’ve found it really useful.

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