Intel Invests $22 Million in New Hardware

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Intel Invests  Million in New Hardware

Intel Corporation’s global investment organization, Intel Capital, announced $22 million in new investments this week. A number of those new investments are in hardware and development. Here are the ventures that stood out to us:

  • Cincinnati-based LISNR’s flagship product is Smart Tones, a communication protocol that sends data over inaudible, high-frequency sounds. The concept could potentially turn any speaker into a beacon, which could open up possibilities for hardware developers. LISNR’s existing clients, according to the company, include Budweiser and the Dallas Cowboys.


  • Body Labs digitizes and organizes data about the shape, pose and motion of the human body. The idea is to look at the human body as a platform on which other services can be based. In Body Labs’ vision, consumers will be able to maintain “ShapeIDs” — 3D models of a particular body’s shape and movement — as part of their digital identity.


  • Prieto Battery, based in Fort Collins, is working to commercialize a new type of Lithium-ion battery that can be built in custom shapes. An Intel press release hinted that the technology of the new batteries are based on is non-toxic and high capacity.


  • Taiwan-based Microprogram Information creates Internet of Things hardware and software for mobile customers like taxis and rental bicycles.
  • Beijing-based Perfant Technology develops imaging technologies for artificial intelligence and machine vision. It says that its panoramic camera, eyesir, will have uses in tourism, aviation, smart homes, and sports.
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