Jet ski + jet pack = “Jetlev”

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Jet ski + jet pack = “Jetlev”

It looks dangerous and is, reportedly, incredibly expensive, but there is no denying the near-maximal awesome factor of the Jetlev Flyer. Power comes from a four-stroke engine in a small “boat” which drags in the water behind/below the flying harness, and to which it is tethered by a big yellow hose that supplies high-pressure water and prevents the operator from exceeding a safe altitude. [Thanks, Alan Dove!]

8 thoughts on “Jet ski + jet pack = “Jetlev”

  1. craig says:

    Do you register it as a boat or aircraft? Neither apply as the boat has no passenger, and the aircraft is tethered to the earth. Nonetheless, it has no legal registration on a motorized vehicle and there is no classification in which to register it. Hmmm.

  2. squashedkitty says:

    I think they have just played too much Super Mario Sunshine on the Game Cube…

    They’ve made a real world FLUDD :O)

  3. Peter says:

    Saw this last year. Yes, it is overpriced (they are aiming for the resort market).

    What we need now, is an Instructable on how to make it yourself from a piece of old firehose, a couple of fire nozzles and an old jetski. I’ll be checking regularly…

    1. craig says:

      I’m willing to bet the backpack part does NOT have a mere ‘tee’ to divide the water to the left and right, but a precicely machined gently curved splitter that doesn’t angle abruptly. The nozzle elbows are gradual, and notice how the elbow and nozzle BOTH taper gradualy. Taper down pressurized water flow and you ramp up the flow rate. Abruptly reduce it or elbow it and you just create backpressure.

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