Light pollution through the eyes of Civil Twilight

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Light pollution through the eyes of Civil Twilight

Can you see the stars at night in your neighborhood? Maybe not, but the Civil Twilight Collective is working to raise awareness and encourage solutions to light pollution.

Lunar Resonant street lighting
is an interesting way of providing an appropriate amount of illumination to cityscapes.

Photographer Christina Seely has been doing nightscapes of the brightest locations on the planet.

A single shot takes anywhere from one to four hours to achieve the best film exposure. “I avoid shooting anything like the Empire State building or the Eiffel Tower to keep the viewer away from the idea of the post card, or from thinking too specifically about the city,” Seely explains. “The photographs are all titled by their latitude and longitude. There is a key so you can figure out where they are. The idea is that you start thinking more of the unilateral impact of light pollution in the city.”

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What is your community doing to combat light pollution? Is light pollution another form of Wastricity? Do your neighbors leave their lights on all night? Have you got lights that point all of the light down so none is wasted lighting the sky? What are the energy implications of societies lighting the night sky?

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