Lime Jello Fuel Cell

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Lime Jello Fuel Cell

Makezine_COTM_Batteries-BadgeThis fun instructable by egbertfitzwilly shows how to make a microbial fuel cell out of jello, yeast, and carbon paper.

Here’s how it works, we’re going to mix a little Jello brand Instant Gelatin with some Fleischmann’s Active Yeast and a few drops of plant food. Once that solidifies we’re going to cut out some fun Jello squares (yes, they still jiggle) and, using the carbon paper as electrodes, we’re going to tap the energy produced by the yeast to create electricity.

This is an innovative form of the popular single cell microbial fuel cell or MFC. The gelatin serves a variety of useful purposes, including MFC container, fuel source and electrolyte. The yeast will feed primarily off of the sugar in the gelatin mix while the gelatin seals out ambient oxygen.

4 thoughts on “Lime Jello Fuel Cell

  1. DeeMoney says:

    What kind of output are we talking about? Can it be run in tandem, ie increase voltage through size?

  2. David Moisan says:

    Cue the obligatory lolcat reference: “I made u a battery but I eated it!” :)

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