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Mecum recycled notebooks

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Bobby over @ Kitsune Noir happened upon these little recycled notebooks from OrangeArt Stationary –

Mecum translates to “Let’s Go!”, and features not only recycled paper, but the leather cover is recycled as well. As you can see it comes in both a natural and black (hot!) version. Other than the leather cover they’re pretty identical to any sort of moleskine/field notes, but the recycled leather feels pretty nice.

Mecum Recycled leather notebooks [via Kitsune Noir]

4 thoughts on “Mecum recycled notebooks

  1. jonas says:

    “mecum” actually means “with me”. The name was derived from “vade mecum”, translating to “come along with me”. this term was used to describe little helpers that were small enough to be kept at the person all the time (such as a small travel guide book, or plant guide…)

  2. The Oracle says:

    This is something I don’t get. A high end notebook like this is something intended to spend many tens of hours writing in and then keep for a lifetime. So why are you going to use recycled material for it? At the very least, recycled paper has shorter fibers and more chemical processing so it will last for a lot less time than paper made from virgin fibre.

    If you have the recycled fibre, make newsprint or cardboard boxes from it. Not a journal. This is happening more and more and it’s basically a marketing ploy to prey on people who think they’re helping the environment while a little notebook really isn’t doing anything.

    How many people will be writing in these journals while sipping coffee from paper cups made from virgin fibre?

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