Mikey Sklar’s Smarter Watering System

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When you’re building an off-grid retreat in a city that received just 8.93 inches of rain last year, you might find yourself inspired to think about water a bit more wisely than those of us with more agua from the sky.

I was lucky enough to visit Mikey and Wendy in Truth or Consequences last week, and he’s now ready to unveil his latest step towards water independence: WET, an irrigation system that turns off when it’s watered your soil sufficiently. He’s got project documentation up as well as some boards for sale here. Check them out, and let me know if you implement sputter avoidance, sunlight compensation, weather forecasting, or other ideas for expansion!

Here’s a new tour; the irrigation system’s mentioned at 8:10:

The Grand Tour from Mikey Sklar on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Mikey Sklar’s Smarter Watering System

  1. Brandon says:

    lol @ 2 seconds soldering porn

  2. Bob says:

    Green is nice, tech is nice, but my god hippies are SO annoying.

    Ummm… so here’s the dome… HI KITTEH!.. here’s Mikey, here’s the shipping containers… the mercedes is a pos… Hello squash… sunglasses keep out sun… meow…

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