Milk crate composting toilet

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Milk crate composting toilet

Erik over at Homegrown Evolution has posted a how-to on using a milk crate, a five-gallon bucket, and a toilet seat to create a dry waste toilet. Even if the idea of “humanure” and the composting of human waste is a gross-out to you, this might still make an easy camping/temp outhouse toilet.

Humanure Dry Toilet Made from Milk Crate [via BB Gadgets]

From MAKE magazine:


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4 thoughts on “Milk crate composting toilet

  1. Thebes says:

    Interesting, but for my humanure toilets I like to make a closed box with a little ventilation to the outside. This helps with odor during and immediately after use (if you have properly covered your business with sawdust it should be virtually odorless at other times).

    Also, I like a partial bucket, about the top 8 inches or so with the bottom half cut off, affixed to the bottom of the lid, this nests into the top of the toilet bucket and keeps one from ever worrying about “bottoming out” if the toilet is getting full. Its important to have a little overlap.

    My current toilet also has room for an extra bucket, this way it can quickly be changed over in stormy weather, or whenever its inconvenient to do toilet duty.

    My household has been using sawdust toilets for 10 of the past 12 years.

  2. Jack Mackay says:

    I don’t like keeping poo in/around my house, and I don’t think I’m crazy for feeling this way.

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