Move-it makes moving easy and green

Energy & Sustainability
Move-it makes moving easy and green

David Graham’s Move-it prototype is an elegant and efficient way to move large boxes without the need of heavy equipment. Entered to win a James Dyson Award, Move-it is comprised of corrugated cardboard wheels and an adjustable handle that adheres to almost any box under 45 pounds with a bio-degradable adhesive. [via Geeky Gadgets]

14 thoughts on “Move-it makes moving easy and green

  1. says:

    is how the “bio-degradable adhesive” distracts us from the fact that this is less sustainable than either of the traditional alternatives: carrying the box OR using a real hand truck.

    1. Mouseclone says:

      It doesn’t look reusable at all. Stick once? What if I have 10 boxes to move? stack ability for 2 or more boxes?

      Great effort and idea. Maybe using a plastic that is reusable would make it a better option.

      1. kinderdm says:

        Besides the fact that is is likely not reusable or has limited reuse, the video alone took about a minute to set it up, and that’s with cuts. I cant imagine how long it would take to do this to every box your using compared to how long it takes to push a hand truck under the thing and stack 2 more on top while your at it. I applaud the ingenuity but question if practicality was considered.

  2. audin says:

    I don’t care how biodegradable something is. If you use it once and then throw it away, it is NOT green.

  3. Alan says:

    Oh, come on, this is a perfect entrant for a James Dyson award. The guy made his fortune by selling ridiculously overengineered and overpriced vacuum cleaners. So now someone has developed a ridiculously overengineered, greenwashed replacement for the hand truck, another product that was just fine as it was. Seems like a shoo-in to me.

    1. Mouseclone says:

      I don’t think that the vacuum is “overengineered” as you put it, over priced yes. I feel that for an up-right vacuum it does a wonderful job. I can attest to the fact that the vacuum works very well and will pull odors out of carpets, well foot odors any way. It is also reusable.

      If you want something like this to win an award for innovation at least make it reusable.

      Would have been better off making something like this out of a briefcase so that you look classy walking out of your board meeting.

  4. insub2 says:

    This is one-time-use garbage. It is not a green product. Please change your title.

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