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Maybe you like Neil Young’s music. You might have heard about his opinions, but how about his car? Neil got his hands on one of the heaviest production automobiles, a Lincoln Continental Mark IV convertible, and has set out to make it into a more earth friendly transportation alternative. The car will be entered into competition for the Automotive X Prize. It looks cool, too. Young has collaborated on the project with Johnathan Goodwin and HLine Conversion, who has been converting heavy vehicles like Hummers to hybrids that get incredibly good fuel economy on fuels like biodiesel.

Neil talked to Charlie Rose about the Link-Vollt, where he demonstrated that his knowledge of physics isn’t quite as spot on as his ideals. He has been outspoken about the possible solutions for the US automobile industry. He has been covered in the New York Times. There is a lot of info out there, Engadget had a post a bit ago, and the project is getting some more attention now that the car is on the road at after 14 months of conversion.

What do you think will save the US auto industry? How can makers cause the industry to transform into a source of solutions to our economic and environmental challenges?

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