New in the Maker Shed: SunMod kit

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New in the Maker Shed: SunMod kit

Add the SunMod kit to your remote control and you will never need to replace the batteries again! Just turn your remote over, place in the sun, and let the charging begin. Hack any AA or AAA powered device to make it solar powered. Please Note: Rechargeable NiMH batteries are required, and not included.

4 thoughts on “New in the Maker Shed: SunMod kit

  1. Dean W. Armstrong says:

    When you get those rechargeable NiMH batteries for this project, pick a low self-discharge type. They go by various terms depending on the manufacturer–Sanyo Eneloop, Rayovac Hybrid, Duracell Pre-charged, etc. These will work well for this low-current, low-use application since you probably want to recharge these only once in a blue moon (or is that blue sun?).

  2. dubyaohohdee says:

    I would prefer to see someone mod the lid so the cells can see through. Then just leave upside down and never have to worry about charge.

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