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Open  source EV controller

Photo from Paul and Sabrinas EV Stuff

Nikki likes this open source Electric Vehicle controller project. With an EV, your primary components are the motor, batteries, charger and the controller. If people can develop a design that will allow a more inexpensive and high quality motor controller, they can move the technology in a good way towards better components and systems. Nikki says:

They’re looking for people to help with the project and donations to help finish the testing and documentation. It’s certainly worth a go at building yourself, or working on with some students. They have some videos at YouTube of the conversion and the prototypes.

The OS EV motor controller project ReVolt wiki with a bit of info, including a set of photos showing the build process, and the MPGuino, to help keep track of your energy cost per mile.

If you are interested in the process of building an EV or even building your own electric motor controller, you will find this web site a great place to start. Our electric motor controller project involves not just us, but several gracious contributors from other sites including Ecomodder and the EV tech group.

You may want to listen in to the EVCast featuring the project.

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