Pedal Powered World, #7: Bikes Being More Than Bikes

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This is part 7 of an ~8-part series I’m doing on bike-powered devices. If you’ve got a link to another device that should be included or a better-documented version of any of these, comment below or email me and I’ll add it to my last post in the series, summarizing all the interesting pedal-powered projects we’ve found by category. I learned about most of these devices through the old-news Innovate or Die contest.

A series like this would be incomplete without recognition for motion-producing projects like the Bikeyak:

Other interesting pedal power ways of moving:

I know there are tons of other funky pedal-powered vehicles. What are your favorite among the most unique?

4 thoughts on “Pedal Powered World, #7: Bikes Being More Than Bikes

  1. Thursday Next says:

    That’s no good, they didn’t show it moving. And I’d like to see it in the water, too, I don’t believe him that it’s seaworthy.

  2. Thinkerer says:

    I love this — cut a kayak hull open so that it floods and sinks and then put a bicycle in the middle of what’s left so you can’t pedal it easily on land either.

    The “(Bigger) amphibious cycle” link is much better — real effort and engineering (and outstanding results)

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