Real-life “landspeeder” prototype

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Real-life “landspeeder” prototype

Noah Shactman just brought Israeli defense contractor Urban Aeronautics’ AirMule VTOL UAV project to my attention. The photo released by Urban Aeronautics, shown above, purports to show the first successful hovering flight of an AirMule prototype, secured against wandering off by guy-wires. Video would’ve been more persuasive. The design goal of the AirMule project is to produce an unmanned vehicle that can be used to ferry supplies into, or wounder soldiers out of, a hostile, closely-packed urban combat environment. [via Danger Room]

6 thoughts on “Real-life “landspeeder” prototype

  1. neurascenic says:

    I don’t see much use for it in regards to load carrying. 500 lbs? Seems a few donkeys or camels would be cheaper.

    Med evac… yea I can see the worth there. Maybe.


  2. Ben says:

    This was originally developed and tested by the prestegious “Hasbro” corporation all the way back in 1984.
    Let’s give credit where credit is due. ;)

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