Reusing scrap at the Firefly Workshop

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Reusing scrap at the Firefly Workshop

plasticssmith.jpgMake: Online staple Craig Smith of the Firefly Workshop in South Milwaukee, WI, wrote in with some great sentiments about living the maker lifestyle.

To me, MAKE: has not been a neat project here or there in my spare hobby time. It has been a way to solve everyday needs. Today in fact, I used two plastic projects from this past year.

This morning I scraped the frost & ice from my windshield using a monster oversized scraper that I made from some leftover thick plexi from my boat slider window replacements. The scrap plexi was cut, shaped, sanded, plasti-dipped handle… the bend was made from shielding the plastic with wood strips and heating a narrow line gap with a heat gun. And this evening I used a 45RPM record centering disc that I made from some scrap heat-flattened PVC pipe plastic from an earlier project. I set the circle cutting bit just right and made some discs in the drill press. The hole was then drilled out a bit bigger for the turntable spindle. Amazing how scrap leftover materials can be easily made into useful items. For no more than just making something you need at the time with what you have lying around.


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