Sew your own bike cap

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Sew your own bike cap

MZ_AltTransportation-Badge.gifBy way of Paul Overton and DudeCraft comes this oldie but goodie, a simple but natty cycling cap you can sew yourself.

Panda Face’s Cycling Cap

6 thoughts on “Sew your own bike cap

  1. Dannysland says:

    Has anyone tested this to see how much head protection it provides?

  2. RocketGuy says:

    Without a foam shell or other engineered protective structure, the protection this provides is basically from a head chill or possibly exposing a bad hair day.

    Impact protection is nil for a soft fabric hat. And while you could make it out of a stiff material, that wouldn’t really help- you need a crush zone with depth to really help with impact.

    Given that a fall at normal or even slow bicycle speeds with curb/head contact can either kill you or mess you up permanently (i.e. unable to speak or walk okay for the rest of your life), the best fashion statement while riding is a real helmet.

    But, this hat looks really cool under a helmet (winter?) or by itself while walking around.

  3. Dannysland says:

    Yeah, I know.

    Deadpan jokes don’t work well on the internet without emoticons to explain ’em — yet I go on making ’em.

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