Single-Wheeled Bike Trailer

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Single-Wheeled Bike Trailer

Here’s a detailed Instructable on building a single-wheeled bike trailer, very similar to the $300+, critically-acclaimed B.O.B. trailer systems, for something like $20. Aside from the coolness factor, one vs. two wheels obviously gives you a nice lowered rolling resistance.

My favorite quote from the build is the description of his hitch system (step 8). The Maker bought the B.O.B. hitch, came up with a better version, and returned the commercially-produced one back to the store!

2 thoughts on “Single-Wheeled Bike Trailer

  1. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t seen the two wheeled version, but the one wheeler has one distinct diadvantage. The weight in the trailer now becomes part of your leaning weight, which means your a lot more unstable, especially during slow speed maneuvering.

    Still, for $20 vs $300, this is a great build.

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