Skateboard shows its bone structure

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Skateboard shows its bone structure

Here’s an interesting alternative design for a skateboard by Loren Kulesus. With this much space between wheels, it should make for some interesting shock absorption when doing tricks.

via Neatorama

8 thoughts on “Skateboard shows its bone structure

  1. notorious says:

    Definitely looks cool, but how do you expect to do tricks on this thing? The holes in the middle of the nose and tail are just asking for missed landings and broken ankles, faces, etc. And the wavy edges would drive any skater used to doing flip tricks on a standard board nuts. Doesn’t exactly look structurally sound either.

    I’m sure it would be fine for riding around and popping up the occasional curb, but anything beyond that is silly.

  2. Stankerdoodle says:

    Don’t forget trying to do a simple ollie with that weirdo woven surface catching on the edge of your shoe every time.

  3. Sk8ter Boi says:

    Yeah… probably the designer never put his feet on a skate, nor saw anyone doing some tricks for not understanding riding a similar thing is equal to riding to the hospital…

  4. neutronixx says:

    Do anything other than roll around and that badboy and its gonna snap is about a second. Looks nice, but i’d rather be looking nice busting phat f/s flips.

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