Skill Builder: Bre Builds a Bike

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On this video from the vault (Weekend Projects, 2007), Bre Pettis and his friend Dave Neff bodge together a bike for Bre from several trashed bikes.

Build a Single Speed Bike – Make: Video Podcast


10 thoughts on “Skill Builder: Bre Builds a Bike

  1. Rich Barker says:

    I miss weekend projects with Bre :-(

    EDIT: Also, “hipster bike,” lol

    1. ryanjrose says:

      yeah, Bre really gave this site a little extra special that has not since been matched.

  2. JP Murphy says:

    Of course it’s a single speed! Nice work, great video.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You got hipster in my hobbies… thanks make

  4. Anonymous says:

    Was the PDF pulled from the site? I can’t find it.

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