Solar and Wind Leaf Photovoltaic Shingles

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Solar and Wind Leaf Photovoltaic Shingles

This takes solar energy to a whole new level. It is simple, beautiful, and functional. Let’s just hope it’s affordable.

SMIT (Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology) has a compelling new project called GROW that’s an innovative and aesthetically arresting solar and wind power solution. Combining the best of green tech and ecology, GROW draws inspiration from ivy growing on the side of a building – resulting in a hybrid energy delivery device of flexible, ivy-like fluttering solar leaves that provide power via both sun and wind.

Solar and Wind Leaf Photovoltaic Shingles – Link

4 thoughts on “Solar and Wind Leaf Photovoltaic Shingles

  1. MadScott says:

    Wonderfully clever idea, and a visually appealing art project, but I’d like to see how durable/efficient they are — polyethylene degrades quickly in sunlight, and the “ivy and other crawlers” have evolved to compete for sunlight which means they may overgrow the array.

  2. TheDailySpank says:

    The solar/wind leaves do not compete for space, they replace the ivy.

    I think it’s a nice idea, too bad I already had it like 5 years ago and posted it to The Half Bakery (before their big crash).

    The weather is typically windy or sunny, sometimes both, but rarely none of the above. In addition to creating energy it also creates shade (which is nice in sunny California).

    My only question is “Is the cost in energy less than the cell will put out over it’s actual lifetime?”

    If “no”, then this is pointless.

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