Strange 4-legged Scooter

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This 4 legged scooter is one of the strangest transportation devices I’ve ever seen. I wish I knew what this is about exactly-it looks like maybe a Japanese funny videos or candid camera show.

If you look closely, it appears that each leg is guided by two wheels. I’m guessing the front wheel controls the leg’s up/down motion, and the rear wheel controls the angle. If they are slightly out of phase, it should make the relatively smooth stride that you see. I don’t know for sure if that’s how it works, but it’s my best guess from a quick napkin sketch (and it seems like I’ve seen something similar before in a lego robot).

Anyone have a better idea of how this thing works or a link to a robot that walks in this manner? [via] – Link.

4 thoughts on “Strange 4-legged Scooter

  1. MadScott says:

    More interesting is that it’s stable to ride. I guess the gyro effects of wheels aren’t really necessary.

  2. RussNelson says:

    It’s obviously a crude prototype of The Luggage, but with only four legs.

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