Styrobot built by father & son

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Styrobot built by father & son

Styrobot Jr

Inspired by previous styrobotic art, Cool Tools blogger Kevin Kelly and his son built this fine bot from repurposed packing foam –

I had five years’ worth of foam accumulated. I had some space in my studio to assemble it. I got my foam cutters handy. So we began designing. The bot had to fit in one story. I also wanted it to disassemble easily so I could move it. I decided to make it in five parts: a torso and four limbs. I would cut the foam when I needed to, but did not want to spend much time sculpting it. I discovered the fastest way to glue the pieces was using silicon seal.
My son and I had a lot of fun making it. Pick up a piece and glue. Cut and glue. Styrofoam is pretty light, so the entire robot can’t weigh more than 20 pounds. The two legs of the robot are free standing. The torso sits by gravity up the two legs. The two arms hang on the torso via a small styro shelf on the arms. I can move the whole body in pieces in a few minutes.

Nice – camoflouged for covert arctic missions! The Styrobot


22ft tall Robot made from styrofoam packing material

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