The Aeromodeller, an Autonomous Airship

Energy & Sustainability
The Aeromodeller, an Autonomous Airship

The Aeromodeller II project is a design for a zero-emission, autonomous, nomad hydrogen-based airship that will never land.

The ship regenerates its fuel, creating hydrogen from wind power and the rain on its skin. When it depletes its energy reserves, the ship needs to drop anchor and rest, in order to replenish its energy in a renewable way.

A thousand airbuses jumping back and forth over the ocean twenty-four-seven. Fly, land, replace crew and passengers and take off again. A thousand machines using up their fuel reserves in a mad, insomniac frenzy.
Until they run out…

One thousand hyperactive passenger jets, and one airship that needs to rest when its energy level is low. Just like everything else wandering around on this planet.

Both the Aeromodeller page and this We Make Money Not Art article [via] are fantastic, read both of them!

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