The Cap Kart: DIY Electric Go-kart

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The Cap Kart: DIY Electric Go-kart

One of our readers sent in this link to this electric go-kart build. It’s from the same MIT team that made a very cool DIY Segway. The website has lots of pictures, a video, and even schematics if you want to try and make your own Cap Kart.

This year, the Summer Engineering Workshop team was interested in making an electric go-kart. (Some kind of obsession with things you can ride…) But to make things more interesting, we decided to add a 110F ultracapacitor into the mix. Capacitors store electrical potential energy; much less than a battery, but you can charge and discharge them more quickly. Research into automotive applications of capacitors (in hybrids, for example) has led to development of ultracapacitors with increasing energy density and decreasing price.

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Comparison S
A DIY Segway

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  1. bgraham says:

    FIRST robot in the corner!
    Red and Blue FIRST bins all around the room!

    But seriously – that’s cool.

  2. Marc de Vinck says:



    “It is a collaboration of MIT students and high school students from FIRST Robotics teams”

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