The dashboard that obsoletes all others?

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The dashboard that obsoletes all others?

0094 0Speedometers, rearview mirrors, many will have LCDS (I can’t wait to mod one!)….“To say the new Mercedes S-Class dashboard is impressive is probably the understatement of the year. Basically, it’s a [LCD screen] embedded in the dash that displays all your data virtually. What’s cool is it mimics analog gauges like the original Carrera GT concept was sporting when we all first saw it for the first time. But the real mind blower, is when the night vision activates and everyting in front of you disappears and you see a video screen displaying what’s in front of you.” [via] Link.

2 thoughts on “The dashboard that obsoletes all others?

  1. Doc. says:

    LCD Dashboard + iPod Video = car crash.

    That, or, what happens when in 20 years the LCD fails and nobody makes replacments anymore?

    Still, I was kinda thinking about this for when I was planning on mega-modding my van- hooking up an old Powerbook to the spedometer, odometer, voltmeter, tach and temp thingamabobs (some of which aern’t even on the dashboard as it is now) and doing something neat with it. Then I never got around to it. Amazing.


  2. outspoken says:

    the day when they have transparent panels on the front windshield is when things will become useful. imagine your speed/fuel/etc in a configurable manor up on your windshield. any color, any position, any size, font style, no text/meter only, etc.. something similar to this, ability to clear it from screen easily and back onto dashboard if needed for people who can’t handle it. daytime? put it on a backlit system or with a tint percentage adjustment for the area around the meters, etc. of course some R&D will have to go into it. =)

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