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The EH umbrella-mobile


In honor of Earth Day, Scott Matthews of Electro-Harmonix digs up an interesting project from the company’s early days – a mobile demo/showroom powered by umbrella turbine –

The inside of the truck was actually a small demo space where guitar players could try out the latest Electro-Harmonix gear (that’s Mike in the white shirt). The truck drove around the city, randomly picked people up, let them play, and dropped them off. The electricity for the demo space was provided by the wind-powered generator, and the wind was provided by (damn you, First Law of Thermodynamics!) a colossal diesel engine.

Still there’s always something special about machinery driven by an umbrella rotary – and it’s a cleverly kooky way to raise some energy awareness. Bob Myer, the original engineer of the project, was recently asked to join his town’s ‘Green’ committee. After deciding to pull the generator out of storage, he was pleased to find it fully functional. Read more on the EHX blog.


4 thoughts on “The EH umbrella-mobile

  1. hurf durf says:

    … people who are so smart, so bright, so brilliant, and so compassionate that they feel the need to RAISE OUR AWARENESS are so stupid they can’t think of any other excuse for their jackassery other than “raising awareness?”

    Remember the old days when you used to do something because it seemed like a cool idea?

    When did we turn into a nation of preening, preaching douchebags?

    1. Collin Cunningham says:

      Mr. Durf, please relax. We’re not the target audience here.

      Consider when this was made – 1980/oil crisis.

      And far beyond the scope of today’s fashionable environmentalism, developing sustainable energy remains important.

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