Time Lapse: Lego Ship in a Bottle

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Time Lapse:  Lego Ship in a Bottle

This build from Julia Morley took “a week of planning, three days of building, a large number of expletives, and some interesting use of very long tools.” And you can enjoy the whole process (minus the expletives, which have been replaced with soothing music) in three minutes of 32X time-lapse bliss here. [via The Brothers Brick]

Lego Ship In a Glass Bottle

4 thoughts on “Time Lapse: Lego Ship in a Bottle

  1. Steve Poling says:

    Suppose that instead of a long tool that deposits Lego blocks, that we have an extrusion head on the end of a long rod that lays down a bead of molten plastic such as you’d see done by a MakerBot. All manner of impossible items could be 3-D printed inside a bottle.

    1. Sean Michael Ragan says:

      Thinking about your comment makes me wonder if “3D printing through a
      small hole” might have some important applications that nobody’s
      thought of yet.

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