Venus fly traps and “grow your own lilypad” kits

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Venus fly traps and “grow your own lilypad” kits

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@The NYC Toy fair 2008 Dunecraft had it’s meat eating plant kits as well as the “grow your own lily pad” products. There are three types of meat eating plant kits, Pitcher Plant Predators and Sundew Savages. It’s fun to imagine lots of people planting harmless seeds and growing them in to vicious bug-eating monsters.


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8 thoughts on “Venus fly traps and “grow your own lilypad” kits

  1. awful product says:

    i bought one of these kits thinking they would be a cool thing to do with my girlfriend. besides having extremely convoluted instructions, they don’t make any mention outside the package that it takes up to 8 MONTHS to see ANYTHING even BEGIN to sprout. as someone who doesn’t have the greenest of thumbs, 8 months of trying to make something grow with nothing to show for it was a huge waste of time. pass on this, especially for kids. instead buy one of those prehistoric ferns that will flower in water and dry back up when not in water….a much better purchase

  2. a bill says:

    We got the Carnivorous Creations kit a few months ago. So the directions are confusing and yes it suxit to find out only after purchasing that it will take forever for it to grow… BUT… we have little tiny carnivorous plants growing and we love them. We also got some kind of pine tree kit and that one is actually growing too (it’s the second time I’ve tried that one)!!!!

  3. Thomas says:

    The carnivore kits are terrible. The seeds have a limited lifespan unless refrigerated. i bought them and none germinated and I have been raising these kind plants for over 5 years. Buy full grown plants from a reputalbe website.

  4. Charles says:

    Agreed. I bought the carnivorous kit as well. I followed the directions to the line. Nothing… ever… grew… I had a beautiful display of dirt in my house for a year before I threw it out.


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