Wind Car: zero carbon transport

Energy & Sustainability

Dale Vince has a dream of a zero carbon car, fueled by the electricity generated from a forest of windmills. The Zero Carbonista blog details many of the milestones of the project. Vince is the CEO of Ecotricity, a green energy supplier in the UK.

18 thoughts on “Wind Car: zero carbon transport

  1. Stirling says:

    What’s the point? Didn’t Tesla Motors already do all of this? Just plug in a Tesla to a wind turbine, and presto, you’re done…

    Or am I missing something?

    1. Alex says:

      Yea tesla have done this already though if anything i would suggest that they try and distribute the li-ion batterys evenly through out the car. as the tesla has the problem where they put all the batterys in one place and it made it handle very poorly!

  2. Jon says:

    Eventually there will be a study done on how removing power from the wind is effecting climate change, what then? Has anyone thought about the energy we are going to be taking from the weather system and how that will effect the system? If anyone has a link to a study/article/etc. please post so I can look it up.

    1. AndyL says:

      Link :

      Short Short Version : “We find that very large amounts of wind power can produce nonnegligible climatic change at continental scales. Although large-scale effects are observed, wind power has a negligible effect on global-mean surface temperature, and it would deliver enormous global benefits by reducing emissions of CO2 and air pollutants.”

      1. Jon Bell says:

        What about weather patterns, wind direction/strength/speed/volume. What about the jet stream, species of plants and animals that depend on the wind and local climates that WILL be changed by these installations?

    2. LWH says:

      Global Rotational Slowing… I’m trademarking this term right now!

      1. Jon Bell says:

        GRS sounds like a big problem, maybe we will become heavier due to the lack of rotational/centripetal force away from the earth? This would not help America’s obesity problem, but it might help developing nations gain weight. ;-)

    3. Anonymous says:

      On a similar note, I often worry about people harvesting tidal energy without taking into account the fact they’re sapping energy away from the moon, which will eventually cause it to fall out of orbit and crash into the earth.

      1. Jon Bell says:

        Well that makes two people, we must have consensus, now we can cap the amount of wind/solar/wave power you can produce, and tax the crap out of it.
        Unless of course you don’t care about the moon! You DO care about the MOON DON’T YOU?

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