“You can lazzzer biodegradable plastic!”

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Make biodegradable “bioplastic” out of common household ingredients, then laser-cut it with ease. [the Shapeways blog]

8 thoughts on ““You can lazzzer biodegradable plastic!”

  1. mattd says:

    I tried this today and ended up with a gel but it didn’t harden. It got thicker quite quickly at a certain point and I poured it after that but I wonder if I should have got closer to the boiling point or even let it boil. I notice they’re updating with better information soon so I’ll try it again then.
    An interesting thing to try would be to introduce silver nitrate and ascorbic acid into the mix; it may become conductive.

  2. mattd says:

    I did another batch last night and let it heat up more. I added all the liquid ingredients together and let them heat up while I slowly added the cornstarch, stirring all the time. The mixture turned white and then got thick and clear. I let it heat up some more while stirring and then poured it. It almost instantly turned into a thick gel on a glass tray and now its drying in the tray on top of my computer. Apparently it takes about 1-2 days to fully dry this way.

  3. mattd says:

    Anyway Mattd, it was a success.


    Best Regards

  4. eco-one says:

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