Makers Against Ebola – Intro

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Makers Against Ebola – Intro
Colorized Ebola Virus (by Cynthia Goldsmith)
Colorized Ebola Virus (by Cynthia Goldsmith)

While not highly contagious, Ebola is highly deadly once contracted. An estimated 70% of people who get sick with Ebola will die. The current outbreak began in West Africa back in March of 2014 and has since spread through Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. As of October 10 the CDC reports there were 8376 cases resulting in 4024 deaths so far. Again, while not highly contagious, it is spreading and the numbers of sick and dying are growing.

So how can makers help to fight Ebola?

We can help by doing what we do best: solving problems.

Fighting Ebola: A Grand Challenge for Development is a high-urgency initiative to help healthcare workers at the front lines provide better care and stop the spread of Ebola. The program is made up of two parts: 1) OpenIDEO (an open innovation platform) and 2) the Challenge Grant (a funding platform). The Challenge is a fast-paced effort to make a difference quickly.

OpenIDEO is a natural place for makers to contribute. Here you’ll find background information, research, ideas are being generated and prototyped, and in a few weeks the best ideas will be implemented.

The Challenge Grant is $5,000,000 set aside to fund prototypes.

Click here to learn how the OpenIDEO program works.

Let’s get involved; we can make a difference.

The Challenge has 25 days to go!

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