HOW TO – Set up your own chemistry lab

HOW TO – Set up your own chemistry lab

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CHEMISTRY: An exciting and profitable hobby, Popular Science 1932

WITH simple equipment requiring surprisingly little financial outlay, you can build in your home a small chemical laboratory that will provide a fascinating hobby. Here you may amaze your friends with seemingly magical chemical tricks, as by the manufacture of paint that shines in the dark or of writing inks that disappear unless the secret of bringing them back is known. You can manufacture useful things for the home, as soap or liquid court plaster. You can test gold rings and ivory piano keys to see whether they are genuine. If you wish, you can investigate the chemical processes used in industry, with the ever-present possibility of an important discovery. To the real dyed-in-the-wool experimenter, chemicals in themselves are intriguing, and a beautifully colored precipitate or a startling formation of crystals is its own reward for the trouble of preparation.

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  1. jgenocide says:

    Home chemistry labs are great fun, although you have to be careful in today’s post 9/11 atmosphere. I started by taking a few chemistry classes and making my own lab to years later, receiving a research grant, and investing about $40,000.00 in labware. I do electrochemistry research from my home and enjoy not having to wait for an available lab at the local college. You should note that chemistry can be very dangerous if you’re not familiar with the chemicals you’re using. I had worked in a lab on the staff at a community college before building my own lab. Enjoy the world of chemistry, just be careful!

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