How toxic is it?!?


The crew at NYCResistor conducted a series of “burnination” experiments to determine the chlorine content of materials before running them through a laser cutter. They confirm recent suspicions that moleskine notebook covers contain the PVC or other chlorinated plastics. Smart move – too often I’m left wondering, “how toxic is that?” after accidentally(or intentionally) melting/burning/exploding something. More info on their technique – How to Identify Polymers with Burnination

Laser cutting Moleskines…

4 thoughts on “How toxic is it?!?

  1. Tony says:

    I remember doing this at high school… back in the old days. Funny to remember we would do anything (even real decent lab work) to get to play with the bunsen burners :)… and to get the teacher to drop some sodium in water… those good old chemistry days…

  2. Mechael says:

    This is called Beilstein test and its neither new nor reliable.

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