Make a Gel Electrophoresis Power Supply

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Make a Gel Electrophoresis Power Supply


DIY bio fans love their gel electrophoresis systems, which use a constant electrical field to manipulate molecules suspended in a gel or liquid.

Makezine_COTM_October-PowerSupplyOpen source DIY Bio company IO Rodeo created an Instructable for a gel electrophoresis power supply, which creates the electrical field that accomplishes the molecular movement.

IO Rodeo’s design is based on the MAX1771 DC-DC controller with output voltage set using a voltage divider–the user can set a variable output voltage depending on what sort of liquid is in the electrophoresis tank. The controller triggers a transistor with a pulse-frequency modulated signal in order to maintain a constant output voltage.

The creators have a code repository if you’d like to play around with the design files.

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