Neuron simulator

Neuron simulator


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The Children’s Hospital Boston have created a fantastic ‘virtual neuron’ which allows you to explore the basics of neural transmission with an interactive flash demo. Strictly speaking, of course, it’s designed for children, but it’s remarkably good fun whatever your age. Once you’ve got the demo window up, the options at the top of the screen allow you to choose different demonstrations, and the text below explains what’s happening. Yay!

This is really fun and informative. Noticing the similarites to basic electronics can be mind-blowing by itself. –Link

And if you want to step your neural simualations up a few hundred notches, check this software from a group of Yale/Duke neuroscientists:
NEURON simulation environment-Link

Virtual neuron at Children’s Hospital Boston[via]-Link


Neural network sculpture looks like an electronics lab gone mad –Link

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