Project Calliope’s Space Music Getting Closer To Reality

Project Calliope’s Space Music Getting Closer To Reality

We covered Sandy Antunes’ Project Calliope last year, and he’s written in to let us know how things are going, how you can stay on top of his progress, and how you can help. Project Calliope is taking sensor readings (magnetic field, temperature, light) and sending it back to Earth encoded as MIDI data. Here’s the latest from Project Calliope:

I’ve finally set up a Calliope announcements-only email list to handle the great unanswered questions of life–“how’s the satellite”, “when is launch”, “how do I get the music”, etc. I still don’t have the answers, but when I do, I’ll post there so everyone is informed. If you want to track Calliope in a low-traffic way (perhaps one post/week), sign up!

Second, I’m doing a Kickstarter [fundraiser to] ensure we have the ground tools and radio to capture the Calliope music. As part of it, we’re offering cool mission patches and flight pins.

4 thoughts on “Project Calliope’s Space Music Getting Closer To Reality

  1. Laura Rose says:

    Aw, why not Euterpe after the “music of the spheres”-bot from Bruce Coville’s A.I. Gang books? Fun fact! In order to launch Euterpe the gang has to defeat a deadly international spy/assassin! Great kid-hacker books.
    But seriously looking cool.

  2. Best of MAKE: Our Year in Crowdfunding says:

    […] projects, here, (Matthew Goodman’s Playa Time Lapse movie and Sandy Antunes’s Space Calliope), as opposed to the “product development” kickstarters that otherwise tend to […]

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