Dangerous Fun with Super Capacitor Pyrotechnics

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Dangerous Fun with Super Capacitor Pyrotechnics

Getting into the 4th of July, let’s check out some sparks that fly from ultracapacitors! YouTube user Afrotechmods shows us:

I got hold of some 2600F capacitors that can dump hundreds of amps. Normally these are used in electric cars to handle sudden stops and starts. Instead, I use them to vaporize bits of metal, and show you the 3 most important capacitor equations along the way.

Don’t do any of this, by the way! Have a great 4th.

4 thoughts on “Dangerous Fun with Super Capacitor Pyrotechnics

  1. Bruce Miller says:

    These will power cars first in China then around the world!

  2. Rob says:

    I love the deadpan delivery on the nickel comment.

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