Tinkering Social Club Kicks off by Taking Things Apart

Tinkering Social Club Kicks off by Taking Things Apart

The Exploratorium in San Francisco is one the best science museums in the world because it takes a delightfully hands-on and out-of-the-box approach to learning. And in line with their creative approach to education, they’re launching the “Tinkering Social Club” this Thursday evening:

The Tinkering Social Club is an experiment in learning through tinkering as a community. It’s an opportunity for the curious and the adventurous, experts and novices alike, to come together and mess about with tools, materials, and technologies. It’s a chance to share what you know and what you don’t know, talk about your passions and discover new ones, and meet some delightfully quirky people.

The inaugural guest will be Todd McLellan, a photographer whose new book Things Come Apart: A Teardown for Modern Living, features beautiful images of everyday objects taken apart into their component pieces and arrayed in ways that make them as beautiful as a collection of parts as they were as whole objects.

MAKE will be represented at the event by Founder Dale Dougherty, Executive Editor Mike Senese, and myself, Editorial Director Ken Denmead, and we want to meet all you makers and hear about the things you’re building, even as we take things apart at the Exploratorium. Please join us!

The event runs from 7pm-9pm on Thursday, August 8th at the Exploratorium (its new location is at Pier 15, on the Embarcadero). This is during the adult-only evening hours at the Exploratorium, and the cost of entry is $15 (or $10 for members). You can purchase tickets here.

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