555 Memorial Circuit

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To mark the passing of Hans R. Camenzind (designer of the 555 timer chip), MAKE reader Jim Frize freeformed this lovely little oscillating circuit as a solemn tribute.

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30 thoughts on “555 Memorial Circuit

  1. Jim Frize says:

    Thanks Gareth, much apreciated.

  2. Tommy Phillips says:

    Bonus! What a great way to visualize how the standard astable mode works!

  3. Augur says:

    It would be a truly epic memorial for thousands (dare I say millions) of these to be made by diy’s worldwide… I don’t suppose Gareth Branwyn would consider posting the circuit? (Yeah, I can figure it out, but I would still appreciate a circuit diagram….) Or creating an Instructable on http://www.instructables.com?

      1. Augur says:

        Thank you Thank you Thank you…

      2. Augur says:

        Jim. Thanks so much for the schematic. Would you mind if I post it on Facebook and http://www.instructables.com? I will be sure to prominently ID you as the designer… I think it would be wicked cool to see this go “viral.” I’m going to mount a solar powered one in a jar on a base with appropriate label (etched brass maybe). “Hans R. Camenzind (1934-2012), designer of the 555 chip, (555 memorial design by Jim Frize)”


        1. Augur says:

          Hmmmm…. Maybe encapsulate in clear expoxy….

        2. Jim Frize says:

          Sure no problem, glad you like the circuit. Send me a link of your post/s too so I can check it out (jim@sonodrome.co.uk)

          1. Augur says:

            Thanks… and Will Do… and thank you for thinking up such a nifty memorial…

        3. Gareth Branwyn says:

          We’d love it if you posted this to Make: Projects (makeprojects.com). I was thinking about driving a “campaign” to have a bunch of these memorial circuits made. If you put it up in M:P, we can promote it through all of our channels. Should get a lot of interest/attention.

          1. Augur says:

            Will do…

  4. sparky3489 says:

    Schematic please.

    1. Augur says:

      Jim Frize (circuit designer) has mad this available to us:
      Here’s the circuit schematic: http://www.sonodrome.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/hans.png

      1. Augur says:


  5. MAKE | Your Comments says:

    […] response to 555 Memorial Circuit, Tommy Phillips says: Bonus! What a great way to visualize how the standard astable mode […]

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