A cuddlier joule thief

A cuddlier joule thief

From the MAKE Flickr photo pool:
Member Garagemonkeysan brought a more lovable look and feel to the popular joule thief project. The seemingly depleted battery is held in place by 2 magnets – nice technique! He’s also got a great instructable up as well.

Cat burglar joule thief on Flickr-Link
Cat burglar joule thief on Instructables –Link


Make a Joule Thief – Weekend Projects Video Podcast –Link

Joule Thief
The Joule Thief –Link

6 thoughts on “A cuddlier joule thief

  1. Rann Fox says:

    This is a comment for collin about his joule thief. Thats a nice lookin project. BUT, why all the parts? I have piddled with the circuit and low parts count was the keystone of the circuit. I put one togather out of parts I robbed from an old circuit board and wound the coil from telephone wire on a power supply toroid. And when I put it on a perf board it’s smaller and pulls the same or a little less current. I’m not slamming ya, I just want to know what you know that I don’t.

  2. Alex says:

    Question regarding the Joule Thief for anyone out there. Do they only work with blue or white LEDs, and if so why?

  3. other guy says:

    they are just the colors that are “in” right now, different leds need different voltages and mA but with the right resistor any should work

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