A look inside Chumby’s guts

A look inside Chumby’s guts


Bunnie Huang recently announced the release of chumby One’s schematics and gerber files used for manufacturing. Along with the hardware docs he shares the above bit of eye candy, a cross section of the Chumby PCB –

The region you are looking at is the back side of the CPU/memory region of the PCB, and the top-layer metal traces connected to them, as well as the vias that extend through the board. Five other metal layers are hidden from this view to emphasize the via locations.

Details on the hardware’s custom license and more can be found at bunnie’s blog.

In the Maker Shed:


Chumby Guts

Chumby Guts

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  1. KentKB says:

    If all the Tech hardware was only as accessible as yours, what a Maker rich and happy Hacker world it would be.
    Thank you Bunnie for a Great Product and Super support too.

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