Access Gmail Behind a Firewall

Access Gmail Behind a Firewall


Without getting into the ethics of employers blocking access to certain sites on company machines (and without comment on the ethics of subverting those filters), if you need to access your personal Gmail account from an office that restricts access, engtech has a number of solutions for getting around the firewall. Check out the linked post for details, but here’s a quick rundown of your options (the last of which I hope is entirely tongue-in-cheek, which might save it from being offensive):

  1. Use different web addresses.
  2. Configure your mail program to access Gmail (through POP).
  3. Access Gmail through Google Desktop.
  4. Use a web server with Gmail Lite installed.
  5. Bribe the IT guys at your work.

If nothing else, this hack would help on days when the company email fails and you still need to reach someone urgently on professional business.


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