Adapting to your iPod

Adapting to your iPod

Mark from Geek Technique posted a bunch of photos last week of his prototype iPod CF card adapter. With a bit of hacking, he was able to wire everything up to make his iPod run on flash memory. Just short of a full howto, you should be able to glean a few pin wiring details off the photos.

The little iPod drive connector is peculiar. It’s not mini IDE and not quite PCMCIA (though it uses a PCMCIA-style connector). It is, however, compatible with both technologies, so with the right adapter, you can use an iPod drive in an embedded computer, or perhaps even convert an iPod to use an SDCARD. There are cheap SD to CF adapters that fit inside the CF footprint, so essentially it’s a no-brainer if you’ve gotten Mark’s CF iPod hack to work.


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