AgIC Will Make Your Conductive Ink Sketches Erasable

AgIC Will Make Your Conductive Ink Sketches Erasable

It’s extremely fun to draw circuits with conductive ink markers, but what happens when you accidentally draw a short circuit?

Rather than starting all over, AgIC aims to save your masterpiece with their latest product, the Erasable Circuit Marker. Their latest Kickstarter makes revising paper circuits as easy as correcting pencil sketches.

Eliminate short circuits with the AgIC marker!
Eliminate short circuits and make those cat ears glow!

Perhaps the most exciting hallmark of this eraser is that it will encourage Makers to draw their craziest circuits without fear of failure. Even the eraser’s origin began as a crazy accident– AgIC teammates were curious to see what happened when 12 Volts were applied to their conductive ink. As described on their Kickstarter:

“We tested how much high voltage we could put on a trace drawn by the Circuit Marker. However, when 12V was applied, a spark happened on conductive trace and that part of the trace was removed!”

(They suggest users NOT to do this.)

Figuring that a high voltage pen would probably be a bad idea, they eventually settled on a water-based solution.

(As a sign of their other awesome crazy ideas, AgIC created paper speakers by hooking up a conductive drawing to a power amp and some magnets; apparently, this is also available as a Kickstarter award!)

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