Another home brew spectrum analyzer project

Another home brew spectrum analyzer project

Here’s yet another homebrew spectrum analyzer project although this one’s got a nice instruction set and is pretty simple to put together if you know some basic soldering skills.

Homebrew Manual Spectrum Analyzer

4 thoughts on “Another home brew spectrum analyzer project

  1. NT7S says:

    I didn’t know Mike personally, but I feel like I did through the SolderSmoke podcast. He contributed a lot to ham radio, and is deeply missed.

  2. NGinuity says:

    I noticed the webpage belongs to Mike/NL7R. Last year, Mike was involved in a serious car accident and lost his life. Among his accomplishments were many projects like the one above (The gentleman was an electronics and RF genius!), as well as co-hosting the soldersmoke podcast. He was a good man, and a lot of the ham radio community, myself included, feel a little less whole as a result of his untimely passing. It’s good to see his legacy living on though.

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