Ardiuno-controlled Gaggia Espresso machine



Here’s the latest espressotronic creation in the long human tradition of modifying machines to produce the perfect cup of coffee.

The goal of this project is to create a computer interface for my Gaggia Espresso machine replacing the factory thermal switches with a PID controller and the “steam” and “pump” toggle switches with a LCD/button menu system.

The machine works great! I get better stability and control than I was expecting, and it came together pretty quickly with no major problems. Additionally, I still need to finish fine-tuning the PID parameters to maximize stability.

The creator, Nash Lincoln, got a few of his ideas from a similar project which used a PIC and an NES controller to manage a Rancilio Sylvia machine. Between the two of these projects, you should have enough inspiration and technical knowhow to start hacking your way toward your own espresso nirvana.

Gaggia Espresso PID Arduino Mod – Link
Rancilio Silvia “PID PIC NES” mod – Link
PID Without a PhD – Link

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