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Kyle writes –

A friend of mine wanted a bitcrusher/samplerate reducer pedal for his guitar — I thought “you could probably do that with an Arduino”. The quality turned out surprisingly reasonable. I’ve released the code, which sets up the pins on an Arduino for doing 10-bit DSP at reasonable sample rates

The design includes bitcrush, bitshift, and overdrive effects – very cool. Check out the instructable for all the details – Lo Fi Arduino Guitar Pedal

8 thoughts on “Arduino guitar effects

  1. Carpespasm says:

    for noise rock, but it looks like the dials could stand to be set to kick in differently. They look like they don’t do much then kick in very suddenly. Maybe pots with a different attack?

  2. Kyle McDonald says:

    The kick is a result of the digital math happening inside the Arduino rather than the pots. The bit shift is particularly loud. If I were to add one more pot to this, it’d be a dry/wet pot for addressing exactly that issue.

  3. jeff says:

    the dog licking the radiator

  4. davidfauremusic says:

    I like it, but you have to add a low-pass filter on it , to keep those trebles under control !

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