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As a popular open-source platform, Arduino inspires a lot of add-ons and variants. The following are some of the more intriguing campaigns. Also be sure to check out our Kickstarter curated page for more projects, past and present.

Skirmos: Arduino Laser Tag

Open-source laser tag game, featuring a gun with a built-in LCD screen, which keeps track of ammo, kills and deaths, as well as a game timer and objectives met. It also packs a sound card and speakers, as well as the requisite cool-looking internal LEDs. It uses the ATmega 328p, the same microcontroller chip as the Arduino. Lots of cool possibilities!

Open Source Enigma Replica

The Open Enigma Project seeks to build Arduino-controlled replica of the historical WWII code machine. The machine uses an Arduino Mega to encrypt or decrypt information, only using software instead of gears and wheels like the original. You can actually decrypt historical German messages with this machine!

Shield I/O: Arduino Shields for BeagleBone

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The Shield I/O campaign on Indiegogo is promoting a BeagleBone Black cape with headers that accommodate all standard Arduino shields. Plus, it’s equipped with level shifters on all 14 digital GPIO pins and able to accommodate 3.3V or 5V digital or up to 5V analog inputs. It’s a great way to explore BBB programming without buying a bunch of hardware!

Gambuino: Arduino Handheld Console

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The Gambuino campaign on Indiegogo features a mini game console the size of a credit card, featuring a wee LCD and control buttons. Its I2C ports allow you to daisy-chain multiple Gamebuinos–up to 128–plus other I2C modules like Tinkerkit.

MicroView: Chip-Sized Arduino With OLED Display

The adorable MicroView 64×48 OLED module packs an ATmega328p microcontroller running Arduino. I can see a lot of fun uses for this, especially for small electronics projects. The ability to use it as a USB-port display for your laptop also intrigues me.

Update: You can now read more about the MicroView.

GestureR: Gesture-Sensing Module for Arduinos

GestureR is a motion-sensing module for the Arduino. It detaches gestures (4 directions), physical proximity, and ambient light. It communicates with Arduinos via I2C and the project team has sample sketches ready to go.

Dual-Arduino XPlorerBoard

The granddaddy of all proto boards, the XPlorerBoard consists of two Arduino Micros, a full-sized breadboard, LCD display, 8 switches, piezp buzzer, light sensor, LED displays, logic converters, pots, capacitors… basically an entire electronics workbench in one panel. It harkens back to some old school prototyping boards that instructed neophytes in the first days of hobby electronics.

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