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Arduino segment on the BBC


BBC News’ Tech department highlights a collection of Arduino projects, introducing the platform to a a broad audience in the process. This is some very bigtime recognition for the lil’ blue board and its users – and hey its about time! =) [via Arduino Blog]

Update: Some were curious as to where the above vid was shot – Brock mentions on his blog that it was the offices of

10 thoughts on “Arduino segment on the BBC

  1. John Park says:

    That was a great piece, really nice to see those projects in action. For some reason I’m now starving and want tea.

  2. Aidan says:

    Where was the sketchduino / tea monitor section filmed? Is it a communal maker space somewhere in London?! Would love to get involved.

    1. Collin Cunningham says:

      yah – quite odd they didn’t mention where all these ‘inventor’ folk were at.

      I was assuming it was a local hackerspace, but the Brock Craft blog points out it was HQ –

  3. cornish bob says:

    I wonder though if the “public” really get what makers are about though. I worry a little that they see the tea pot monitor and think to themselves “what a pointless use of technology”, or do they see what we (hopefully see) that whilst little teapot scales won’t change the world, they are the fun little experiments that may lead to bigger brighter inventions.

  4. GaryG says:

    Give a Brit an arduino and what does he do? Make tea with it.

    I’m so proud i’m almost tearful.

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