Getting Started with Arduino and other O’Reilly books on Kindle, DRM-free

Getting Started with Arduino and other O’Reilly books on Kindle, DRM-free

Getting Started with Arduino on the Kindle

Writing over at TOC, Andrew Savikas recently announced:

I’m happy to announce that more than 160 O’Reilly books are now available on Kindle (both Kindle 1 and Kindle 2), and are being sold without any DRM (Digital Rights Management).

There’s a lot of overlap between the kind of early-adopter crowd likely to buy a Kindle and the audience for our books. So it’s no surprise that we received a lot of requests to add O’Reilly books to the Kindle store, and it’s great to finally be able to get those readers the books they want. We expect to add another 100 or so titles in the coming weeks; those have needed a more detailed analysis of the table content to identify good candidates.

Andrew has more detail on which books became available, and some background on why we held back on publishing books on the Kindle as long as we did: Over 160 O’Reilly Books Now in Kindle Store (without DRM), More on the Way

And shortly after that announcement, one of our Make: Books, Getting Started with Arduino, appeared on the Kindle store. This comes only a couple weeks after we announced this book was available on the iPhone, so now you can get started with Arduino anywhere that’s convenient.

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